Our Global Presence

Our Global Presence 

David Perry David Perry, Corporate Vice President and Chief Global Business Officer.
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As a leading global security company we are committed to being at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability in tandem with maximized cost efficiencies. This includes our markets around the world where we continue to expand our international presence, strengthen our international partnerships and broaden our focus to one that is increasingly global.

We have a range of industry-leading capabilities for markets around the world and sell products and services to customers in 25 nations. With a well-established international presence outside the United States we maintain a network of offices and local businesses serving customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

Through our corporate offices in Abu Dhabi, Canberra, London, Riyadh, Seoul and Tokyo, where our country chief executives are based, and our network of regional offices in Europe and in Singapore, Taipei and New Delhi, we deliver products, technologies and services to help meet the national security needs of our customers.

Global Headquarters:


Unmanned Systems

Unmanned capabilities have been transformational in the past ten years. For nations in a more contingent posture, it is going to be more critical than ever to be ‘eyes-on’ while maintaining the potential to be ‘hands-on’. We have stepped up our capability to meet these challenges. Not only can Northrop Grumman offer the ultimate ‘eyes-on’ capability with the combat-proven Global Hawk high altitude long endurance unmanned surveillance platform, but we also provide medium altitude solutions such as the operationally deployed rotary wing Fire Scout system. Global Hawk has also been adapted to respond to the U.S. Navy’s Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) requirement and Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Navy are well into the initial flight test programme for the Triton UAS. In addition to humanitarian assistance and supporting disaster relief efforts, Global Hawk has logged more than 100,000 flight hours, 75% of which have been on active deployment over battlefields in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. And beyond ‘eyes-on’, our ground breaking X-47B UCAV development project is regarded as leading the way in future ‘hands-on’ unmanned systems technology.

Cyber & Civil Security

Defence and security now form a continuum, with cyber and civil security requiring the integrated capabilities of military, civil authorities, and intelligence agencies to combat highly dynamic and complex threats. Northrop Grumman works seamlessly across this spectrum, leveraging our technology across domains. Whether in identity management and access, surveillance and intelligence gathering, continuous monitoring, insider threat detection, network defence, management and exploitation of massive datasets, command and control systems, or network architectures, we are breaking down the intellectual challenges posed by ephemeral cyber and digital threats and establishing robust infrastructures and intelligence services to counter them.


Fully integrated battlespace networks have been a vision for many years but progress in realising this vision has been slow. In the aftermath of recent conflicts the challenge is to bring the lessons learned back into core defence programmes so that future operations are served by networks already configured to support high tempo, dynamic, complex operational scenarios in remote environments. Harmonised systems and architectures, standardisation and ubiquitous communications are all fundamental to delivering effect in future conflicts, especially where nations are operating in concert. Northrop Grumman’s core skills in information systems, communications networks and truly open system architectures which are sensor, effector, and system agnostic are without parallel. Our proven and fielded information systems and integrated communications networks demonstrate how we are leading the market.

Land Environment
Today, operations in the land environment are dominated by the need for pervasive communications and the ability to move large amounts of data and information at high speed to a huge diversity of users. Northrop Grumman’s core capabilities and experience in data management, open-system networks, tactical communications and joint environments unsurprisingly position us as a leader in land C4ISR.

Maritime Environment
Northrop Grumman has a long history in supplying advanced maritime C4ISR systems. We are leaders in marine navigation systems, integrated platform management systems and integrated bridge systems, maritime command and control applications, underwater systems including wet-end sensors and signal processing for submarines and mine countermeasures.

Air Environment
Northrop Grumman’s air C4ISR capabilities range from the most advanced EO/IR and radar sensors, and highly innovative airborne communications technologies, through to integrated systems such as the Litening targeting pod and F-35’s mission systems. Our C4ISR systems are installed and deployed on numerous mission-critical air platforms around the world.

Space Environment
Our C4ISR systems extend into space; from secure military SatCom payloads, operational planning systems, systems engineering, spacecraft manufacturing, precision sensors, space instrument design to ground stations development and orbiting space platforms, Northrop Grumman’s space capabilities cover a galaxy of mission types.


Our innovative logistics solutions enable effectiveness and global mission readiness – while remaining cost-effective and affordable. From modernisation and sustainment such as the F-16 SABR radar upgrade, supply chain management, training and simulation to special fit ISR and automated test equipment, we offer a full-spectrum of support to meet any mission requirement. Behind every product and service you’ll find a team of experts with front-line experience, prepared to provide support wherever the mission goes.