If you’re a military veteran transitioning to a new career, you’ll feel right at home on our team.

Northrop Grumman employs thousands of veterans worldwide and we are committed to hiring and assisting our military-experienced candidates and employees. You bring a unique set of skills to our company, and have a first-hand appreciation for our business, products, and services. We value the training and leadership development that candidates gain from their military service and experience.

“Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. As I transitioned from the Air Force, I found working at Northrop Grumman to be fulfilling because the company embodies those same values.”
—Shawna Hudson, Learning and Development Specialist and U.S. Air Force veteran: 2001-2010 Reserve: 2010-2016 E7 Master Sergeant

We've assembled a set of resources to help make your transition as seamless as possible:

Nate Atkinson

From the Navy to Northrop Grumman

“I am fortunate to be able to continue to support the warfighter wearing the orange flight suit at Northrop Grumman.”

—Nate Atkinson, Northrop Grumman E-2D Test Pilot and Navy Veteran.

Read about Nate’s transition from the Navy to Northrop Grumman Read more about this Navy vet’s transition to Northrop Grumman


Named #1 company for veterans by Diversity Inc. and US Veterans magazine


Number of employees in VERITAS, an employee resource group committed to recognizing and supporting active duty, Reserve National Guard and veterans.


of Northrop Grumman's 90,000 employees self-identify as veterans. More than 1,600 are reservists.

Transition to Civilian Life Translates into a Decisive Advantage for the Warfighter

JJ Thompson’s role as the NAVAIR Campaign Director for Northrop Grumman demonstrates the successful transition of this former U.S. Navy Requirements Officer to civilian life. His former responsibilities on the EA-18G, F/A-18, and EA-6B translated seamlessly into this new, fulfilling career providing critical operations support on the C4ISR program.


Resume Tips

It is important to us to help members of the military transition to a civilian career. Develop a strong impression with these resume tips for veterans.

American Handshake

Job Searching and Networking Strategies

There are many qualities most veterans acquire while on active duty and are transferable to a variety of private-sector positions.

American Patch

Military Transition Guide

Northrop Grumman is proud to help our nation's military personnel make the transition to civilian careers. These are tips on how to get a job after serving in the military.



Northrop Grumman contracts manager prepares to deploy to the Middle East for nine months as a U.S. Air Force reservist.

army vet helps save soldiers lives Northrop Grumman

My Word – Army Vet Works for Northrop Grumman to Help Save Soldiers’ Lives

A retired US Army colonel joined Northrop Grumman as a program director on the IBCS program. After a personal experience, he felt called to help save soldiers’ lives in a meaningful and direct way.

Edward, Cyber Architect at Northrop Grumman

Edward, Cyber Architect at Northrop Grumman

Veteran protects the warfighter through his work in cybersecurity.

A veteran with his dog

Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes— Some Have a Wet Nose

Northrop Grumman’s support of the warfighter extends well beyond technology.

American Flag

Operation IMPACT

Helping severely wounded service members as they transition from the military to a private-sector career.


OI: How we make an IMPACT

Watch a short video explaining Operation IMPACT.

American Flags in front of a building

Moving Forward by Giving Back

Northrop Grumman initiatives to highlight our Veterans' specialized skillsets and perspectives.

Military Veteran

A Military Veteran Who Followed His Dream to Northrop Grumman

An employee of Northrop Grumman, who is a military veteran looks beyond his own career-shaping experiences.

Your Next Mission: Start the Conversation

Your Next Mission: Start the Conversation

Doc shares a few tips on how to make the transition from military service to the private sector.

Mark Ballantyne

When Northrop Grumman Employees are Called up for Active Duty, Colleagues Step up

Northrop Grumman employees exude commitment to their coworkers, jobs and country.

Tom Yom

LITENING Pod Team Supports Maryland Air National Guard Deployment

Before warfighters head out on deployment, the Northrop Grumman LITENING logistics team moves in to make sure customers and their pods are ready for any mission.

Ryan Clark

Valuing Our Veterans

It is challenging enough being a wounded warrior, a soldier injured in combat returning from war overseas and trying to transition to civilian life back home in the United States.







Life at Northrop Grumman