Diversity & Inclusion

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Northrop Grumman is Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that creating a work force and a workplace that values diversity and fosters inclusion is pivotal to promoting innovation and increasing productivity and profitability. Our goal is to continually support and nurture the large number of Northrop Grumman employees whose backgrounds, characteristics and perspectives are as diverse as the global communities in which we reside. We are committed to leveraging our organizational diversity through teamwork, cross-functional collaboration and joint ventures to help us meet and exceed our business goals and ensure our role as a leader in our industry.

Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a key part of Northrop Grumman’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Across our company, more than 19,000 employees come together in 12 ERGs with 220+ chapters. And while their interests may vary, their goal is one: to offer opportunities to each and every member of our Northrop Grumman team.

Our ERGs allow members to develop and build leadership skills, raise awareness, educate others and contribute to communities. These groups include a variety of focus areas most important to our employees including those supporting African Americans, Asian Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, people with disabilities, veterans, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees, young professionals, parents, multiple generations and environmentalists.

Heritage Events

Heritage Events Northrop Grumman honors our company’s diversity by celebrating nationally recognized heritage months, e.g., Black History Month (February), Women’s History Month (March), Asian/ Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (May), LGBT Pride Month (June), Hispanic Heritage Month (mid-September to mid-October), National Disability Employment Awareness Month (October), and Native American Heritage Month (November).

It is a time where we recognize, and acknowledge the contributions of these groups to our American culture and society as we do with St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and others.

Women’s Conference

Women’s Conference

In 2006, Northrop Grumman held its first Women’s Conference, with more than 500 women attending from across the company. Since then, the conference has become a recurring event (2012 | 2014 | 2016), which includes speakers from the company’s senior leadership, panel discussions, and nationally known speakers addressing topics such as leadership, development and work-life balance.

Inclusive Leadership Conference

Inclusive Leadership Conference The 2017 Inclusive Leadership Conference—which for the first time included the Veterans Summit―is one of the company’s most anticipated events. It brings together a collection of employee resource group leaders, middle managers and senior leaders to celebrate and embrace Northrop Grumman’s commitment to build the best culture. Together, approximately 500 participants from around the globe discussed various topics, from emerging trends in diversity and inclusion to the link between inclusive environments and strong performance.

Operation IMPACT

Operation Impact (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition) Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition) is a Northrop Grumman program which provides career transition support to service members severely injured in combat operations following the events of September 11, 2001. The program received recognition from the Department of Labor, Department of Defense, and Department of Veterans Affairs in recognition of the company's commitment to helping service members with disabilities succeed in the workplace and build careers.

Message from our Vice President Corporate Responsibility

Sandra Evers-Manly
Sandra Evers-Manly,
Vice President, Global Corporate Responsibility

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I have been at Northrop Grumman since I was 22 years old. I started as a summer hire during my junior year in college. Over the years I have seen the company grow and change through a series of acquisitions and business expansions. Throughout the years our commitment and appreciation of our diversity has continued to grow and now is one of our CEOs top five goals for the company. We know that our diversity is a strength that provides us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We are committed to building, sustaining and leveraging the diversity each of us bring to Northrop Grumman. We are also committed to ensuring we have an inclusive workplace where everyone is valued for his or her ideas, experiences and contributions. We do this through our diversity programs and initiatives, community involvement, alliances and recruiting of diverse talent. Our efforts have been recognized both at the local and national level. I am very proud of that.

Please take some time to explore our website and learn more about Diversity, Inclusion and EEO at Northrop Grumman.

Diversity & Inclusion Contacts

If you have a question, concern or comment about Northrop Grumman’s Diversity & Inclusion, EEO Program or Workplace Accommodations, please contact one of the corporate team members below by email:

Kymberlee Dwinell
Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Director, EEO Compliance and Workplace Accommodations

If you are interested in becoming a Northrop Grumman supplier, please access the Global Supplier Diversity Programs (GSDP) website. The GSDP program office is designed to expand subcontracting opportunities for all small business concerns, including small disadvantaged, women-owned, historically underutilized business zones, veteran, service-disabled veteran-owned, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, disability owned, historically black colleges and universities, minority institutions, Alaska Native Corporations and Indian Tribes. For all supplier diversity questions, please contact the corporate Global Supplier Diversity Programs office for assistance.

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